Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Oct 18th 2014

This one was a fun one. The first part of the evening was a bit rough though. We got to the venue just as some formulaic LA 'all girl' (drummer was a guy) band was slogging through their set, which was a matinee set added a week prior to our event. We thought maybe we'd caught the end of their set, but they were just getting started! This pushed our start time back and my cohort informed me that he had to bail early, so a bit of added stress  as is to sometimes be expected. I got Mark Pino from the other act Infinite Plastic Internal to promise he'd join in when Jon had to split, we roll with the punches!

After the 'opener' finally finished Infinite Plastic Internal were ready to go with a minimal drum set and various modular synths and cymbals all operated by Mark Pino who was joined by Avante Garde legend Jim Ryan. I write more about their set here.

 You can listen to the performance via the link at the top.
 Following are some photos by JD Bourdon.

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