Sunday, November 2, 2014

Portals...exits and entrances.



I started this blog as an experiment and a place to be less specific. I mostly enjoy sharing photos and music that I create and I have a blog dedicated to that elsewhere.
The other blog is called 'DaDaEntry' and I have no plans to leave wordpress, but I did want to further explore blogging in general and thought I'd try something over here on blogger hence the ironic title 'DaDaExit'. It was apropos that while thinking of a title for this blog, I was thinking about portals.
Welcome to my first blogger 'entry'!

View from my back office window

As I was musing on a jumping off place for my first post, I heard a loud THUD!! against the back of the house just outside my window. I looked outside to see our mentally disabled neighbor moving around random pieces of wood, a 4 foot long 8"x8" cross brace to be specific. He also had  a couple of loose doors and some 4"x4"'s scattered about, the doors were propped up against the pear trees.

This happened two days ago as well. The photo titled 'view from my back office window' as well as the one just above are from the other day when I happened to look outside to find what looked like a childs poorly designed bridge leading right to my window! The kid (in reality he is probably in his 30's) wanders around in the yard which is actually the backyard of the house, 1 block over as we're surrounded by double-lotted yards in our neighborhood, most of our neighbors are Asian and grow small amounts of herbs and fruit. The trees outside my window are pear trees and the family seem generally good about keeping 'the kid' from interfering with the trees during the fruit bearing season. However he does get out every so often and comes back to talk to the trees, and when I say talk, I mean he kinda mutters this broken gibberish jumping from a low almost guttural tone to these high falsetto yammerings, while pointing to the tress and sometimes tearing off the tips of the branches.

I can't but help to wonder what the fuck is going on in his head, is he some sort of 'pear tree whisperer' and without his yammering incantations and manic picking, the trees would produce poorly? 

He has also piled up items against the next door neighbors fence and gotten into their yard, every so often I'll hear a woman who must be his mother outside raining holy fire in Cantonese while he stumbles around picking up whatever nonsense he has scattered all over their yard and sheepishly slumps off toward their house, only to probably instantly forget what he did or why.

Remembering that time he got over the fence and into the neighbors yard, had me also thinking 'Why the hell did he build this structure leading to my window?' 
I texted my wife a couple of photos and wrote 'yard sculpture courtesy of our neighbor? or does he think that this will be his escape from whatevr he feels the need to escape from? And it leads right to my window!'
She replied:
'Portal!!! Hahahahah!'

I often wonder what goes on in his head, and would he ever attempt to try to climb that makeshift bridge to freedom, one day crashing through my window.
I know this is impossible due to his major lack of engineering skills and the lack of structural integrity of a door leaning against some light tree branches that will never bear his weight. 
Still, would he try it? And where does he think this portal will take him?

 ...even more interesting, where is he trying to escape from?



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