Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My first solo release is now available at Aquarius in San Francisco in the 'San Francisco' section.
please stop in and pick one up!

It is also available through my bandcamp site, the download version is $5 but you only get 3 tracks, the full release (4 tracks) is only available in ltd cdr form at the bandcamp site and via my new 'Gumroad' page where you can purchase a download of the entire album for $8!

To clarify, the ltd cdr is only available via Bandcamp and Aquarius in SF!


Mark Pino and I have secured a gig at The Luggage Store in San Francisco on January 29th!
It will go down as 'Alphastare vs. Infinite Plastic Internal' More details soon! Until then you can see some of our last impromptu collab from The Stork Club at the link here:

Stay tuned for more!

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